Our New Senior Project Managers

Join us in congratulating Emelie Watkinson, Jessica Quinlan and Peter Smith on their promotion to Senior Project Manager.

Emelie Watkinson

Emelie has an established track record in project delivery on a diverse range of projects of varying scales. Her strong work ethic and problem solving skills are an asset to any project and she firmly believes in the cultivation of relationships in order to ensure a successful outcome. Emelie always has the client’s best interest at the forefront and prides herself in never letting the client down.

Jessica Quinlan

With a background in Civil Engineering and a tertiary qualification in Architecture, Jessica combines her experience in design with her passion for client side consulting. Jessica prides herself on working closely with the client to understand their needs and developing strong relationships to ensure each project is delivered with success.

Peter Smith

Building on his experience in the delivery of high-end residential projects, Peter has more recently worked on a diverse range of projects including the delivery of large-scale refurbishments and public health developments. Peter brings a strong determination and work ethic from numerous years as a professional athlete and is a passionate member of the Montlaur team.