Alphington Park

Urban Renewal, 626 Heidelberg Road, Alphington VIC

17 ha
Project Management & Superintendent Services

The former Amcor Alphington Paper Mill has been sold to Developers after 130 years of manufacturing paper.

Montlaur carried out the due diligence on behalf of the Developer and has since been appointed to manage the demolition and remediation of the site, prior to the settlement of any subdivisions.

The site currently includes approximately 40 buildings of varying age, construction, heights with a complex web of basements and tunnels connecting between them. The project involves the removal of all hazardous materials from the buildings prior to demolition and the site is covered by a Heritage Overlay which requires careful management with the various Planning Authorities.

The site was handed over to the Developer in July 2013 and the demolition, remediation and new site infrastructure will be completed ready for future works by May 2016.