RMIT University Pedestrian Spine

New Infrastructure & Landscaping, Bundoora West Campus, Bundoora VIC

2,400 m² / $4 million
Project Management & Superintendent Services

The Pedestrian Spine extends RMIT’s main thoroughfare towards Plenty Road and provides for the future expansion of the Bundoora West campus.

The project includes lawn terraces, generous promenades, seating, landscaping and above and below ground services which service RMIT’s newest lecture theatre. Sustainable features include water capture and low maintenance plumbing.

Delivery of the Pedestrian Spine required skillful coordination between in-ground infrastructure and above ground landscape design. Pits were expertly integrated into cobbled pavement and the stormwater design included a sub-surface ‘invisible structure’ system which captures rainwater to top up the campus lake.

The project management involved complex staging as the spine was required to dovetail into the construction program of the new Lecture Theatre on the same site.