Victoria Hills

Land Subdivision, Chirnside Park VIC

66 ha / $5 million
Development Management, Project Management & Superintendent Services

Victoria Hills is an ambitious rural residential subdivision of 33 lots that delivered significant environmental benefits to the community.

The joint venture between Melbourne Water and Montlaur transformed Chirnside Park Drain No 2, an overgrown stormwater run off from the Chirnside Park Shopping Centre, into a significant local wetland that has become an important passive recreation facility for the whole community.

Manna Gum Creek, the centre piece of the subdivision, has significantly improved downstream water quality and has attracted birdlife back to the area. Strong environmental initiatives have ensured a self sufficient and sustainable subdivision.

The developers embraced the local community by upgrading the ovals of the adjacent primary school and providing more than 7 ha for community open space.

The prices achieved set benchmarks for the surrounding areas.