Young Womens Christian Association Richmond House

Social Housing Development, 353a Church Street, Richmond VIC

5,000 m² / $6.5 million
Project Management & Superintendent Services

The Young Womens Christian Association (YWCA) provides vital services to many in the Victorian community. Richmond House is one of the many properties owned and operated by YWCA.

YWCA received $6.3 million in capital grant funding through the Office of Housing to fully refurbish the 67 room rooming house located at 353a Church Street. The Rooming House caters for low income, disadvantaged, single women.

Montlaur’s involvement with YWCA commenced in 2009 with the Marshall Street, Geelong development. Montlaur was appointed as the project manager and superintendent to assist in meeting the Department of Health (DOH) and State Government objectives to deliver the refurbishment by July 2011.

The Richmond House refurbishment ensures the building meets all compliance requirements whilst providing a much needed refurbishment for the residents.